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Mmoexp New World:Obtaining The Butcher involves

New World, Amazon Game Studios' latest MMORPG, has captivated gamers with its immersive world, rich lore, and New World Coins dynamic combat system. Among the diverse playstyles available, DPS (Damage Per Second) builds are favored by those who relish the thrill of dealing massive damage while contributing to the team's success. In this article, we'll explore the three best DPS builds in New World, each designed to maximize damage output and ensure you stand out on the battlefield.

Armor and Perks: The Foundation of Power

Before delving into the specific builds, let's establish the core elements that bind them together. Across all three builds, a defensive armor setup is recommended, focusing on the Enchanted Ward and Health perks. Enchanted Ward provides excellent protection against both light and heavy attacks, while a boosted Health pool ensures survivability during challenging encounters.

The current strongest PVE perk setup involves the Enchanted Ward, Health, and four stacks of Refreshing. This combination proves invaluable in facing mobs and bosses alike, as most attacks encountered fall into the light or heavy category. The choice of the third perk is flexible and can be tailored to your preferences.

The selected armor artifact for these builds is the Featherweight, allowing you to wear two pieces of heavy armor on your head, gloves, or feet. This grants a 30% increase in armor compared to a normal light equip load, enabling a more aggressive playstyle.

Now, let's unravel the specifics of each DPS build.

1. Bleed Rapier Build: The Art of Precision

The Bleed Rapier Build is a formidable choice for those who appreciate finesse and precision in combat. Leveraging the rapier's scaling with dexterity, this build excels in dealing high DPS. The key artifact for this build is the Finisher, enhancing damage against bleeding targets by 15% on both weapons.

To obtain the Finisher artifact, venture into the Alian Wilds Elite Zone known as the Isle of Zervan and face the formidable boss, Montrola the Unroll. Additionally, utilizing a Run Glass of Arboreal Amber gives your weapon an elemental damage bonus, complementing the intelligence perks that contribute to your overall damage.

The skill tree for this build emphasizes Tondo Flourish, Finish, and Flurry, providing a deadly combination to stack bleeds and execute opponents efficiently. It's worth noting that only one player in the team should use this build, as bleeds from other rapiers do not stack.

For the secondary weapon, the spear is recommended for its good damage output and synergy with the rapier. The Fire Poker spear, in particular, stands out with its bleeding sweep perk.

2. Serenity Build: Unleashing Great Sword Power

The Serenity Build centers around the Great Sword artifact, offering incredible damage when attacking from behind. The unique perk of Serenity provides a stacking damage increase, coupled with trenchant strikes and trenchant crits for potent heavy attacks.

The ideal gem for the weapon is the Cut Pristine Emerald, granting bonus damage when the enemy is low on health. Paired with the spear, especially the Fire Poker, the synergy between the two weapons creates a devastating combination.

The skill tree for the spear remains consistent with the Rapier Build, focusing on offensive passives and powerful bleeds. The rotation involves using spear skills for bleeds and swapping back to the great sword for smashing enemies.

Jewelry choices include the Azoth Battery amulet, providing health and bonus healing to potions, and the Privateer's Heirloom ring for extra damage and the Hardy perk. Carrot and Earrings, offering regenerating and healing perks, round out the accessories.

3. Butcher Sword Build: Mastering Bleed Damage

For those who can't get enough of bleed damage, the Butcher Sword Build is a relentless force on the battlefield. Centered around the new sword artifact called The Butcher, this build maximizes bleeds with its unique perk and the Red Hot Stag ring.

Obtaining The Butcher involves challenging the Dynasty Shipyard expedition in M1 or higher mutations. The gem slot is recommended for Non-Run Glass Malachite, optimizing bleed duration.

The spear, particularly the Fire Poker, remains the secondary cheap New World Coins weapon of choice due to its potent bleeds. The bleeding sweep perk enhances the overall bleed damage output.

Jewelry options include the Azoth Battery amulet, Red Hot Stag ring, and Carrot and Earrings for healing perks. The attribute distribution leans towards offensive stats, with 350 strength, 150 dexterity, 25 intelligence, and 100 constitution.

Tips and Considerations

To further enhance your DPS potential, consider using the brutal version of the cannon for immense damage numbers. However, for a more defensive option, switch to the Stalwart Harrow with Stone Form gems.

In PVE, cut pristine opal gems offer general elemental resistance, providing flexibility in facing different elements without the need for constant gem swapping.

For optimal performance in higher-tier mutations, prioritize combat trophies, coatings for your weapon, Ward potions, and correct gems.

New World offers a wealth of possibilities for DPS enthusiasts, and these three builds provide a comprehensive guide to unleashing maximum damage. Whether you prefer the finesse of the Bleed Rapier, the power of the Serenity Great Sword, or the relentless bleed onslaught of the Butcher Sword, these builds promise an exhilarating experience in the ever-evolving world of Aeternum. Equip your gear, sharpen your weapons, and step into the fray to become a true force to be reckoned with in New World.


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